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5 Star Hygiene Rating

5 Stars for Scoops Diner!

After having the Senior Environmental Health Officer and BBC Radio Derby recording the unannounced food hygiene inspection, We are pleased to announce that the Scoops Dessert & Diner Bar team have achieved the highest 5 star rating. We are proud of the high standards that we set and hope customers continue to enjoy the Scoops Dining Experience.

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Scoops Diner on Radio Derby

We’re proud of our kitchen at Scoops Diner, so proud that it’s an open layout allowing you to see our chefs cooking your orders both in our centrepiece traditional pizza oven and across our grills.

We’re delighted that therefore we have nothing to hide and so when we had our 1st unannounced hygiene inspection on Tuesday 27th, by the Senior Environmental Health Officer no less, alongside her we allowed BBC Radio Derby to record the inspection process!

The inspection went well and we’ll be getting the result shortly.

An interview was played on BBC Radio Derby in Ian Skye’s breakfast programme, which you can listen to here for 28 days (from 0:50 and then 1:14 minutes in). Here’s our two parts cropped out and available forever.

Part 1 – The Inspection:

Part 2 – After Inspection Chat:

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